Monster erotica, as defined by wikipedia

Monster erotica, also referred to as monster porn, cryptozoological erotica or, by some authors, erotic horror is a subgenre of erotic literature that involves sexual encounters between humans and monsters.Big Foot

In 2010 Amazon and other notable self-publishing companies banned Monster erotica due to restrictions on taboo erotic material. Industry opinions on certain types of fantasy sex has since changed and self-published authors, such as myself, can publish this type of erotica without fear of censorship. However, for clarification monster sex is not bestiality. These fantasy stories are about sexual contact between humans and other intelligent beings that make choices concerning their sexuality. You will find dubious consent and a series of other taboo subjects but monster sex as a subgenre does NOT include illegal subject matter.

With that said, please feel free to explore this intriguing genre of storytelling. If this is your first trip, then you may find that you thoroughly enjoy it!


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